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Have you considered selling your RCFE, but think it’s better to wait until the New Year before you put your RCFE on the market?  Think again!  The holidays are a MAGNIFICENT time to sell your RCFE because buyer demand is still very strong.  Also, holiday-decorated homes look their best and make a great impression. 

So, if you are under the mistaken impression that RCFE buying and selling activity comes to a halt during this season of festivities, be aware that there is still a great deal of activity in the RCFE market at this time.  Sellers who place their RCFEs on the market now will have less competition, as the market does slow a bit, but there is still considerable demand right now for well-priced RCFEs that are listed at fair market value.

Gone are the days when sellers would list their RCFEs at a higher price, and then negotiate downward.  RCFE homes priced at their fair market value will attract maximum buyer interest and leave open the possibility of sparking a bidding war, which can drive prices even higher.

If you are considering buying, selling or leasing an RCFE, please call us TODAY to explore your options. We would be delighted to evaluate your business and provide price guidance. We will help you obtain the highest possible price for your RCFE.

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