To Buy or To Lease: A Guide for RCFE and ARF Owners

Should I buy or lease an RCFE or ARF?  What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Buying an RCFE or ARF:


–  You have full ownership and control over the property and the business.

–  You can customize the facility to suit your needs and preferences.

– You can benefit from the appreciation of the property value over time.

–  You can write interest and depreciation off your taxes.


–  You need a large amount of capital to purchase the property and start the business.

–  You are responsible for all the maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of the property.

–  You bear the risk of losing money if the property value declines or the business fails.

–  You may have difficulty selling the property if you want to exit the business.

Leasing an RCFE or ARF:

P-    Pros:

–  You have lower upfront costs and less financial risk than buying.

–  You can start the business faster and easier than buying.

–  You can relocate to another facility if you are dissatisfied with the current one or if your lease expires.

–  You can focus more on the operational aspects of the business than the property management.-           


–  You have less control and flexibility over the property and the business.

–  You have to pay rent every month, which may increase over time or vary depending on market conditions.

–  You do not build any equity or benefit from the appreciation of the property value.

–  You may have to comply with the landlord’s rules and regulations, which may limit your options for customization or expansion.


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