That’s an interesting question. Here are some possible things seniors do that young people don’t:

  • Leaving voicemails. Young people prefer to text or hang up if they don’t get an answer, but seniors like to leave long messages and expect them to be listened to.
  • Eating dinner at 5 p.m.. Seniors enjoy the early bird specials and discounts at restaurants, and they also like to have more daylight hours after their meal.
  • Wearing a jacket even when it’s not cold outside. Seniors tend to feel colder faster due to decreased circulation, so they bundle up even when it’s warm.
  • Being obsessive about the weather. Seniors like to know the details of the weather forecast and discuss it with anyone who will listen, while young people are more casual about it.
  • Going on a cruise. Seniors love cruises because they offer a relaxing and convenient way to travel and see different places, while young people may find them boring or expensive.
  • Still using Facebook. Seniors use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and family, share photos and news, and join groups of interest, while young people have moved on to other social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.
  • Drinking tea. Seniors enjoy the health benefits and soothing effects of tea, while young people prefer coffee or energy drinks.
  • Marveling at cursive writing. Seniors grew up learning cursive writing and appreciate its elegance and beauty, while young people may not even know how to read or write it.
  • Struggling with technology. Seniors may have difficulty using smartphones, computers, or other devices that young people take for granted, and may need help or guidance from others.
  • Watching TV shows live. Seniors like to watch their favorite shows when they air on TV, and may even plan their schedules around them, while young people stream or binge-watch shows online whenever they want.
These are just some examples of things seniors do that young people don’t. Of course, not all seniors or young people are the same, and there may be exceptions or variations depending on the individual.
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